Thursday, September 12, 2013

Raison D' Etre'

Hello World

Over the last 4 years, I have developed quite a fascination for all things rational. Thanks to worldly wisdom by Daniel Kahnemann and Charlie Munger and several attempts (even if at vain) to map out the world and connect the dots, I am now convinced more than ever that it is possible for a rational, deep - thinking individual to derive out insights that beat the "best".

For example, for a long time I used to believe in the 10,000 hours as espoused by Malcolm Gladwell - however, on deliberate reflection (quite literally), it is'nt the guys who put in 10,000 hours who do well but people who put in deliberate practice.

Like Jim Collins talked in "Good to great" there is only the minutiae that separates the extraordinary from the good - but that involves complementarity rather than doing more of the same thing. So, if you are a violion virtuoso, it involves a  deliberate pause and being your own critic - it requires a sense of complementary  - "Yin and Yang" if you will.

It is'nt about moving up the 80% to 99%, but moving it up to 95% with a sense of balance. Think of all of the above

Strategy & tactics
Emotion & logic
Yin & Yang
Thought  & practice

This blog is my way of communicating a lot of my deep thoughts and the distilled insights thereof with the world.

Alrighty - over to the first post tommorow.

- Varadha

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